In 2010, a movement began in a small Northeast Ohio Church that would eventually impact thousands of people across Ohio, New York, Tennessee, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Illinois. This movement, known as "Altered Student Ministry",  began with a whiteboard, some committed church volunteers, and handful of teenagers and would go on to become one of the largest, fastest growing youth movements in America. Altered became known for reshaping the mold for how the church would reach teens for Jesus. Over the course of five years, this bold group used innovation, service, evangelism. and needs-based ministry to impact the lives of many people. In the summer of 2014, Pastor Aaron felt a strong calling to use the guiding principles of Altered Student Ministry to form a new church for ALL people





We have people gifted to carry the message of Christ to the community; the feet.  We have people who will stop at nothing to serve others with kindness and compassion; the heart.  We have visionaries and logical thinkers willing to take action with wisdom and thoughtfulness; the brain.  We have a multigenerational team of leaders that come from all levels of experience in fields of education, business, and ministry. We are a blended group of male and female leaders who represent a variety of geographical roots, including: Salem, Oregon; Bronx, NY;  and various parts of Ohio.  We are confident in God’s design of a church body; confident that the way to reach and relate to ALL people is to gather and utilize all parts of the body. We are confident that our unique mix of gifts, talents, experiences and backgrounds will help our team succeed in creating a home for all people to thrive in the compassion of Christ in Painesville, Ohio.




We believe in ONE God, Creator of ALL, Who exists in THREE persons - the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that humans chose to sin, severing their relationship with a holy and just God. Since we cannot redeem ourselves, the Father sent His Son to purchase our redemption.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the ONE and ONLY way of salvation, through His sinless life on earth, His sacrificial death on the cross, His burial, and His resurrection. This gift of salvation is available to ALL through belief in Christ and His sacrifice, repentance of one’s sins, and acceptance of God’s grace and forgiveness.

Our relationship with God is then restored, and we are sanctified for a new life and purpose guided by the Holy Spirit.

We believe that the Bible is the true, inspired Word of God and is our ultimate authority for life.We believe that it is the mission and PRIVILEGE of believers to share the Good News of the Gospel and Christ’s love with ALL peoples, not only with our words but also with our actions.