Our ministry seeks to enrich and build up the communities around us by identifying needs and engaging in outreach to help meet those needs. Rather than waiting for people to come to us, we are committed to bringing the church to people. Guided by a spirit of love, humility, and compassion, we are meeting people where they are in order to make an impact by building lasting relationships. We aim to use relevant, engaging, and adaptable approaches that will resonate and speak to the hearts of individuals and families. Our goal is to see the church body and our communities mutually strengthened and encouraged, which will happen only as long as we are actively translating our faith into tangible, strategic, and compassionate action.


There is no end to ways we can serve our community. We want to be part of it all, we want to do it all. If you see an area below where you would like to help, sign up! If you have a heart for a specific type of community service not listed below please let us know and we can make it happen! 

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